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AOR AR-DV10 Analogue/Digital handheld scanning receiver

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AOR AR-DV10 Digital Handheld Scanning Receiver

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Enjoy multi-digital signal monitoring on the go !

AR-DV10 Digital Handheld Scanning Receiver

Features :
100kHz-1300MHz analogue & digital modes
10 Digital Modes : TETRA,P25(Phase 1+2),DMR,Mototrbo,dPMR,NXDN,D-STAR,Alinco,Yaesu
Automatic detection of digital modes during scan and search modes.
IPX5 water resistant
Micro SD card slot for recording, backup and firmware updates.
Lithium-ion battery, charger, belt clip
Memory data management software.

The AOR AR-DV10B wideband communications receiver covers 100 kHz to 1300 MHz (less cellular on U.S. consumer "B" version) in traditional analog modes (SSB, CW, AM, SAM, FM) as well as various digital modes including: APCO P-25 (Phase I & II), D-CR, DMR, Mototrbo, dPMR, NXD, TETRA, Alinco EJ-47 GMSK, D-STAR and Yaesu FUSION.
A new DALL function automatically determines the digital mode. It meets IPX 5 environmental standards. It has a MicroSD card-slot that supports audio recording. It is supplied with Li-ion battery, charger, BNC antenna and belt clip.

The AOR AR-DV10U model is the same as above, but without the 824-849 / 869-894 MHz cellular gap and can be purchased via government or qualifying commercial purchase order or for export only. The unblocked - export version is not available for online ordering.
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