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USB zbrojnice Mk II s krytem

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Secure USB-C computer with Linux operating system



Secure USB-C computer with Linux operating system

USB armory Mk II is a fully equipped computer (ARM® 900 MHz processor, 512 MB RAM, Bluetooth, USB-C) in a small design, designed from the ground up with regard to information security applications.


  • SoC: NXP i.MX6ULZ ARM® Cortex ™ -A7 900 MHz
  • RAM: 512 MB DDR3
  • Storage: internal 16 GB eMMC + external microSD
  • Bluetooth module: u-blox ANNA-B112 BLE
  • USB-C ports: Dual Role Power (DRP) socket + Upstream Facing Port (UFP) plug, USB 2.0 only (no video support)
  • LEDs: two
  • Slide switch: to select the boot mode between eMMC and microSD
  • External security features: Microchip ATECC608A + NXP A71CH
  • Physical size: 66 mm x 19 mm x 8 mm (without cover, including USB-C connector)
  • Cover: part of all unit protection units


The Mk II USB armor hardware is supported by a standard software environment and requires very little customization. In fact, Linux vanilla kernels and standard distributions work fine on a small board:

  • Booted from built-in eMMC or microSD (or via USB serial downloader)
  • Native Linux support - creating boot images is easy
  • Precompiled images are available for Debian 9 (Stretch) and Arch Linux and more are on the way
  • USB device emulation (CDC Ethernet, mass storage, HID, etc.)


  • USB 2.0 connector via USB-C for hosting with full device emulation
  • USB 2.0 socket via USB-C for other devices or as a connection to a host
  • Full TCP / IP connection to / from USB from USB CDC Ethernet emulation
  • Flash drive function by emulating a USB mass storage device
  • Serial communication via USB or physical UART using Debug Board
  • Wireless connection via BLE

Note: Only USB 2.0 is supported via both USB-C ports, so it should be emphasized that HDMI video via USB-C is not supported.


The following example of security application ideas illustrates the flexibility of the Mk II USB armor concept:

  • Mass storage device with advanced features such as automatic encryption, virus scanning, host authentication and data self-destruction
  • Hardware Security Module (HSM)
  • OpenSSH client and agent for untrusted hosts (eg Internet kiosks)
  • End-to-end VPN tunneling router
  • Torov bridge
  • Password manager with integrated web server
  • Electronic wallet
  • Authentication token
  • Portable platform for penetration testing
  • Low-level USB security testing
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USB zbrojnice Mk II s krytem

Secure USB-C computer with Linux operating system

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