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Outdoor Pest Repeller

Outdoor Pest Repeller

Outdoor Pest Repeller

Outdoor Pest Repeller

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Electronic repellent of moles and insectivorous animals 500m2 ODKH Electronic repellent of moles and insectivorous animals 500m2 ODKH
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Electronic repellent of moles and insectivorous animals 500m2 ODKH

It is mainly a mole – an insectivore. A newer finish from a stronger resoneuting sector. It is waterproof and therefore suitable for placement in the garden, parks, golf course and other any private and outdoor areas.
It emits irregular long audible tones with irregularly long breaks that spread in the soil and thus does not disturb the man's stay in the garden. The device is completely eco-friendly because it does not use any chemicals.
It uses only the sound frequency, which is unpleasant for moles - insectivores.


Electric rodent trap Electronic Rodenta Zapper 483-C555

It's not a mouse and rat scare, but a completely humane and environmentally friendly rodent catcher who killed the mouse with electrical impulses without damaging her hair. Mouse – the rodent remains whole, and the catcher is simply still usable without cleaning. By containing no poisons and no hair damage, the trap can also be used in food warehouses where it is not possible to use classic traps and poisons to dispose of them.
The device works if they are inserted into the device with a 4 x AA 1.5V battery. Or it's connected to an adapter. Before turning on the device, it is necessary to insert the batteries into the device in the correct direction. Flashlights are also capable of operating in cold environments.


The visual Weet, the flood of birds, predator 795 Hawkeye

Visual shaky, deboar of birds, Predator 795 Hawkeye Visual Sciners
It is constantly spinning a visual deterrent suitable for roofs, large buildings. Where it is not possible to use an electric sound shšič. But it is a very suitable complement to the ultrasonic plasher of birds.
Large multi-angle mirrors give a strong flash of reflected light from the sun or even from the moon's full moon. It is the most taught mechanical device in the market from the English bird manufacturer.
The plant has a variety of birds and their big eyes on the furnished.


Water Creepet ScareCrow-808 P015 crying Animal mic

Protect your pond, pool or yard from birds, cats, dogs and other animals. The movement of the animal starts the water stream. The noise and the water stream of the animal are removed into a safe distance.
The ideal solution for Creeper: Cats, Volaviek, dogs, piers...
The device must be permanently connected to a 1/2 "hose that is under constant pressure.
The water-catcher for the game does not contain a stand to be engaged in the ground, it must be plugged directly into the outlet of the hose from the ground. Or you must purchase the normal trade reduction of "T" 1/2. And the water supply 1/2 "connect from the side.


Birds BirdXPeller-PRO794-Multifunctional crying sound + ultrasound

It is a proven device from the production of USA-BirdX, where there were extensive terrain tests BirdXPeller-PRO794 x 4. The device will significantly reduce or completely limit the contamination of the birds in your area.
REPELS: Birds, piers, sparrows, cinnamon, gulls, cormorans, sores and many more.
The most effective product (in the listening zone) against all migratory birds and also pigeon. A consistently functional product is spina in several adjustable times. Digital recording chip ensures the highest playback quality. The product sends natural screams, a cry of fear, a threat and the sounds of predators. Sounds are not regularly alternating and prevents birds from being brought into the guarded area.


Laser Lite Solution Against Harassment of Birds and Forest Game

Laser Lite - Compact solution against bird harassment
Lite repels birds under light conditions of 20,000 lux or less, which you can compare to cloudy weather. The birds perceive the laser beam as an approaching physical hazard and fly away in search of safer reasons.
Unlike conventional methods of deterrence, birds will have no effect on habituation. After careful use, the birds perceive the area as dangerous and will not return.


DUO scarer designed for scaring deer, i. high game, raccoons, wild rabbits, dogs, cats, birds,

Double-sided DUO scarer designed for scaring deer, i. high game, raccoons, wild rabbits, dogs, cats, birds, opossums and other animals in your garden, lawn, pond and landscaped areas without harming the pest. The pest just scares the neighbors ...


Bird Scarer Face 487 Imitation head-foil for hanging

Bird Scarer Face Terror for repelling birds-defying birds 487-Bird-X Scare
A bothersome imitation of the head with the eyes (ocular terror)-yellow, with the eyes helps the food processor to comply with hygienic prescriptions for haunting (repelling) birds.
Keep the birds away with these eye replicators that move in the wind and intimiage the birds in the visible area.
Simple and cost effective solution-hang anywhere!


Fully programmable crying bird bird scaring 570 Sound/Ultrazv

Fully programmable creeper birds bird scaring kod sound + ultrasound + laser in one, new version. A possible connection of 3 to 5 speakers. 
Effectiveness: Piers, crows, Cinnamon, thills, sparrows, Swallow, belorts, gulls, Cormorans of the woodpecker, earthworms. The equipment can also be used for the flating of rodents and many other pests in the industry.
For the birds that have been planted, such as the Swallow, the belorines of the House will no longer help you to deploy the plaice in the month of May-July. The weeming must be applied before the inbreeding or after leaving the nest. A given pocket nest with a youngman is no longer simply not dropping!


Broadband ultrasonic crying birds ultrason37-Pro-X-801 VT

The broadband ultrasonic weep birds ultrason37-Pro-X-801 is fully equipped with sound weep birds with control system of accidental switching of ultrasound. Complete system, there is no need to buy anything.
It prevents the birds from pouring into your surroundings, it is one of the most effective Plašičov from a series of ultrasound from four separate loudspeakers. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor space.
Prevents birds from pouring, nocting, nesting, and re-returning birds.


In 3 Solar snake Repeller Shšič SNAKE-310 for plasting snakes

The latest product for crying, detrates all proven available light-vibrating plašers listed on the world's scaring markets.

The Repeller was developed mainly for the smoothing of all the other snakes, releasing the pulsating vibrations that the snakes have posed through its sensors throughout its body. The snake perceives a dangerous zone causing them to be unwell and the snake tries to evacuate from the area of ​​vibration. Most of the snakes will be resolved almost immediately if the device is turned on.


Programmable bird scare scaring 570 sound/ultrasound/la

Fully programmable bird scare 570 sound/ultrasound/laser.

Effectiveness: pigeons, crows, hamgers, twits, sparrows, swallows, white seagulls, cormorants woodpeckers, earthworms. The device can also be used to scare rodents and many other pests in the industry. 

The device works on the principle of issuing loud sound, so we do not recommend the device directly to apartment complexes, where the sounds of birds of the birds of caover can generally disturb people if they want to have silence and peace at home. Although there is no problem audio sound to weaken and adapt to your surroundings and to the environment to emit only ultrasound.


STOP Vandalism: Mosquito MK4 / 6 PIR with Multi-Age Anti-loitering 594-mk4 / 06, 17.4kHz

groups of teenagers regularly hang around your property, cause damage, scare customers, then the Mosquito MK4 ver 6 pir is the most effective way to stop this problem without confrontations! The effect of the device takes effect within 5-10 minutes. Mosquito is not a weapon, it is not violent and it does no damage.

Knot and kemo mole repellent69-834, tint and scare 9V Knot and kemo mole repellent69-834, tint and scare 9V
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Knot and kemo mole repellent69-834, tint and scare 9V

This waterproof module emits seismic oscillations at rapid intervals, which are widely emitted underground and are mostly very unpleasant with moles, rakes and other rodents. The module must be dug near their tunnels, operated by a cable with an operating voltage of 9V. One module will be enough to protect up to 1,000 sq m of garden.
The scareism must be powered by an external 9V power supply, via the network adapter.
It is therefore suitable for gardens, where you also have a mains power outlet. The 9V aC adapter must have a 3.5mm JACK end.