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    USB Wi-Fi bezdr tov adaptér vybaven v esmerovou anténou s vysok m ziskom je mo né pou va ako klasick r diov adaptér pre pripojenie k sie am Wi-Fi tandardu 802.11. V spojen s dod van m softvérom je v ak jeho hlavn m poslan m n jdenie hesla akejko vek dostupnej bezdr tovej siete s nastavenou 

    K takto zabezpe enej r diové sieti sa nie je mo né pripoji" bez znalosti hesla. Pr ve za elom n jdenia tohto ifrovacieho k a boli vyvinuté algoritmy, ktoré vyu vaj slab n kryptovacie met d zabezpe enia WEP. Softvér pou va d myselné kryptografické algoritmy ved ce k prelomeniu WEP ifrovanie a n jdenie ifrovacieho k a a teda aj pr stupového hesla k sieti.



    This device can do almost anything involving almost any kind of low (125 kHz) or high (13.56 MHz) frequency RFID tag. It can act as a reader. It can analyze the signal received over the air more closely, for example to perform an attack in which we derive information from the tag's instantaneous power consumption.

    It can analyze the signal received through the air, for example, to perform an attack in which we derive information from the tag's instantaneous energy consumption. It can pretend to be a tag itself. It can pretend to make a mark in itself. It is also capable of some less obviously useful operations that might come in handy for development work. It is also capable of some less obviously useful operations that could come in handy for developmentwork.



    USB HF RFID reader + 10 brands touchatag starting kit, can be used to create your Internet of Things. With touchatag, objects can be intelligent and applications can become available using a simple touch. Usage: From links between your toddler toys to websites to creating or customizing your own loyalty or rental service, the app's touchatag starter package is limited only by your imagination. Content: Touchatag Starter kit includes one USB RFID reader RFID tags and 10 (smart stickers). System requirements: Usb reader works with PC Windows XP and Vista and MacOSX 10.4 or higher (Intel version). Technical: The USB reader operates at 13.56MHz (high frequency RFID) and has a reading distance of about 4 cm (1.5 inches) when used with touchatag RFID tags.

  • Remote control code manager and RFID cards type NA-618


    Equipment for testing, diagnosing, cloning and copying many types of remote radio controls and RFID identification devices such as card IDs, immobilizers etc. Due to the expansion of similar RF control devices on the market, a wide range of transmission protocols are used using a specific chip solution

  • bladeRF x115 , Software Defined Radio


    BladeRF X115 comes with a larger 115KLE Cyclone IV, FPGA, which provides additional space for hardware accelerators and signal processing chains involving FFTs,

    Turbo decoders, transmit modulators/filters, and receive acquisition correlators for burst modems.

    When unpacked from the bladeRF box, you can tune from 300MHz to 3.8GHz without the need for additional plates. Current open source drivers provide support for GNURadio among other things, allowing bladeRF to be placed for immediate use. This gives bladeRF the flexibility to act as its own RF modem, GSM and LTE cell, GPS receiver, ATSC transmitter or combination of Bluetooth/WiFi client's without the need for any expansion cards.

  • RF penetration testing PandwaRF Rogue Pro - RF 433 hack


    After having successfully created PandwaRF, we used this expertise to develop a more powerful device for pentesting professionals and Law Enforcement Agencies.




    ur GSM Interceptor traps voice calls and SMS so you have the ability to get a number or listen to, record or redirect calls, control both with GSM 900MHz & 1800MHz GSM mobile network. From its description, the hybrid system is active in operation, but does not use any direct connection to the real network, does not use any call forwarding, and critically does not use any illegal system that disables encryption. In short, it uses all the controls of a fully active system with all invisibility passive system.