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FM radio transmitter 1 W, CZE

FM radio transmitter 1 W, CZE / 1618, low-energy FM transmitter + short antenna for cinemas, churches

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FM radio transmitter 1 W, CZE / 1618, low-energy FM transmitter + short antenna for cinemas, churches, sports events up to a distance of 300m and more with an external antenna up to 1km.

Product code: -1618-fm-transmitter-1w-2022

VHF transmitter 76-108MHZ 1W, FM transmitter. Radio set. High quality MP3 + Bluetooth configuration for audio signal transmission to the transmitter. The FM transmitter is a new cost-effective design 2022 in one small package. It is designed for home use, it is easy to change the frequency thanks to its worldwide band 76 - 108 MHz.

• FM transmitter 76-108MHZ 1W, FM set of radio transmitter. High quality MP3 + Bluetooth configuration for audio transmission.

• Transmission power is also adjustable from 0 to 11 steps to control the FM transmission distance.

• Another surprising innovation is the auto power off function, if no audio input is available, the device will turn off automatically to save energy. All settings will be saved and will be the same the next time you increase.


• User-friendly controls.

• 3 optional modules, TF MP3 card function, Bluetooth sound.

• Auto power off when no audio input is available.

• RCA and 3.5 mm audio input interface.

• The microphone input volume is tuned in priority when input is available, the main volume is adjusted automatically.

• Worldwide band 76 ~ 108 MHz for each country, easy to set up and change.

• RF output power is adjustable from 0 ~ 1w by 11 levels. Level 0 means that no power is transmitted.

• The sound enhancement is adjustable between 50US (EURO standard) / 75US (US standard).

• Mono and stereo switchable.

• Transmission distance: 0 - 1km

(distance is estimated, based on open power output and for comparison only).

• The current settings are stored in memory, they start automatically from the previous settings when the transmitter is switched on again.

TECHNICAL DATA: RF parameters:

Frequency range: 76 ~ 108MHz.

Frequency step: 100KHz- 0.1MHz.

Frequency deviation: + -75KHz.

RF power: 0-1W, 11 adjustable levels.

Harmonic and disturbing sounds: <= - 60 dB.

SNO speed:> = 60 dB.

RF output: TNC-K, 50 Ohm.


Audio input: 3.5 mm analog audio input, RCA.

Microphone input: 3.5 mm.

Audio input channel: Audio input (3.5 mm / RCA), TF MP3 card.

Bluetooth audio level: 15 dBV Distortion.

Sound: <= 0.2%.

Audio frequency response: 50 Hz ~ 15,000 Hz.

Stereo separation:> = 40 dB.

Preliminary highlight: 50US / 75US attachable.

Sound control: electronic volume control,

11 levels adjustable from 0 ~ 10,

level 0 means no volume output.

MIC control: electronic volume control ,

11 levels adjustable from 0 to 10,

level 0 means that no volume output is available.


Operating voltage: 12V.

Operating current: <0.4A (at maximum power mode).

Working temperature: -10 ~ 45.

Product size: 162 * 120 * 40 mm.

Net weight: 0.3 kg.

Possibility to add a battery: 12V.

Battery type (does not contain batteries): 12V TYPE 18650, 1300mAh, 20190911.

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FM radio transmitter 1 W, CZE / 1618, low-energy FM transmitter + short antenna for cinemas, churches

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