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New ver Mosquito MK4 with Multi-Age Anti-Loitering Security Device

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This is a newer more powerful version, where you can also change the frequency range yourself according to the instructions.

If groups of teenagers regularly hang around your property, cause damage, scare customers, then the Mosquito MK4 / 5-13 / 21 is the most effective way to stop this problem without confrontation! The effect of the device takes effect within 10-15 minutes. Mosquito is not a weapon, it is not violent and it does no damage.


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If groups of teenagers are regularly hanging around your property, causing damage, deterring customers, then the Mosquito MK4 is the most effective way to stop this problem without confrontations! The effect of the device is gaining effect within 10-15 min. The mosquito is not a weapon, it is not violent and does not cause any injuries.

Mosquito MK4 is used by police and local authorities, chainstores, independent shops and private individuals to protect property from the effects of asocial behaviour by teenagers, reduces vandalism, theft and property damage, and improves the lives and environment of citizens.

Mosquito MK4 operates at a low voltage and can therefore be installed by a competent person as little as 1 hour.

Main functions:

The distance range is 35-40 metres and depends on the noise levels of the environment.

The sound settings that people under 25 usually hear.

Set the sound that people of every age category hear.

Switchable manually or PIR (Passive Infra-red Sensor) and remote control - the last two controls for an extra charge of 130,-€

Main applications:

Asocial behavior. If you are regularly a victim of asocial behavior by teenagers outside your home or office, then Mosquito MK4 is the most effective way to stop it. The police and local authorities have limited success with these problems as they cannot supervise all incidents and cannot do anything when children are not caught.  Installing Mosquita will not solve the social problems caused by asocial behaviour, but you will get the right to a peaceful enjoyment of your house or office.

Graffiti. If you've ever seen graffiti, you know that graffiti-releasing services are expensive and not always suitable for the situation. Installing Mosiquita on a page that is repeatedly tagged protects it from additional graffiti.

Vandalism. Many of our customers who are victims of crime have spent thousands of euros repairing damage to their possessions or have problems with groups of people who stand at shop fronts and entrances, harassing and discouraging mosquita buyers from making your place and business unattractive to groups of people who behave asocially and grobianly and make vandalism stop.

Homeless. Many police units around the world have asked us to produce mosquito, which also affects older people. The latest version, Mosquito MK4 has a switch that will allow you to broadcast a tone that will be heard by people mainly under 25 or the tone that everyone hears. This is most effective in areas where homeless people sleep, tunnels, subways, etc.

Only from the age of 18.  There are many places where children cannot go to or legally stay in places like this. To prevent children from accessing such places, mosquito is the most effective tool.

There is a large amount of information on the Internet about our products that is factually incorrect, so we would encourage you to read through our website to get the facts and contact us if your questions still go unanswered.

The published image is illustrative only, the design changes for the product depending on the supply of plastic (packaging) from our supplier.   

Mosquito MK4 with Multi-Age Anti-Loitering 585-mk5/13

Attention – ultrasound. Do not use the appliance for continuous operation. 

The Mosquito anti-loitering device ... 

The Mosquito MK4 is the most effective tool for dispersing groups of teenagers who loiter and behave in an antisocial ..

Attention, English device has a 50% lower efficiency as our system has.

At the same time, our system has been supplemented by the remote control. Compare them yourself and alone decide what system will be better.

http://www.movingsoundtech.com/ of Mosquito MK4 Multi-Age  

Ultrasound and infrared

Ultra sound versus infra sound. What are these two terms, anyway? What do they mean and how does they affect humanity? I will try to answer these questions and others with this work. In order to explain what the infrared sound and ultrasound is, we need to tell you something about what the sound is. Sound is every mechanical wave that provokes a sound in the auditory organ. The simplest source of sound is sirens. From the sound source, the sound wave spreads to the surrounding environment. In liquids and gases, the sound spreads like a gradual longitudinal ripple, in solids such as gradual ripples longitudinally and laterally. A flexible environment is a prerequisite for the spread of sound. In an inflexible environment wool, horserok, felt... the sound spreads badly. We use such substances as sound insulators. Sound waves can be characterized by height, color, intensity and volume. The height of the simple tone indicates its frequency. The higher the frequency of the sound source's snarand, the higher the sound height. Audible sound wave has a frequency from 16Hz to 20,000 Hz. The sound of a lower frequency than our ear is capable of capturing is called infrasound. A mechanical wave frequency greater than 20kHz is called ultrasound.


Infrasound is mainly shocks and snarchof soil. High-mass vehicles cause soil and building oscentities in the range of 1-10Hz. Infrared waves can be registered and measured using a seismograph. Seismographs are instruments for measuring seismic waves arising from earthquakes

Man and infrared

Medical science has determined that the human body perceives low frequencies only at relatively high amplitudes of sound pressure levels. These amplitudes rise rapidly with decreasing frequencies, for example from approximately 65 dB at 32 Hz to 92 dB at 16 Hz, to 100 dB at 3 Hz and up to 140 dB at 1 Hz.Sound and thus infrasound is spread in the air by longitudinal waves. The wavelength of infrared sound ranges from 17 m (at 20 Hz) to 170 m (at 2 Hz). Sound in the frequency range from 10 Hz to 75 Hz may trigger resonance frequencies of the abdomen, chest and throat. The vibration of the chest wall may interfere with respiratory activity. According to medical research, infrasound is the most influential activity of the heart and stomach. A decrease in alertness during the period of exposure to infrasound was observed through changes in EEG, blood pressure, breathing, hormonal production and cardiac activity.

Infrasound is a serious risk factor, especially for humans. Particularly dangerous are infrasounds (vibrations) with a frequency of 7-8 Hz, in which tissues resonate and mechanically damage mainly cells in the muscles and in the nerve tissue. Hygiene standards limit the work of minors and women in such an environment. Rheumatics are particularly sensitive to infrared sound. Other effects of infrasound manifest themselves as pulsating in the head and completely make it impossible to do any intellectual work. Even at relatively low intensity, it causes fatigue, irritation, dizziness, even vomiting in living organisms. It causes dizziness, feelings of panic fear and even death at 7 Hz. Thus, very high energy infrasounds can kill people and animals over greater distances.

Animals and infrared

The ability to capture sound osrtouses of different frequencies is different from humans, which results from the difference in the construction of the auditory system. For example, snails can only capture a very narrow range from 200 to 800 Hz, but bats capture a frequency range from 1000 Hz to 120,000 Hz. Elephants communicate with infrared sound up to 15 km. Similarly, many birds and marine animals have a special ability to capture infrared oscent, the so-called 'infrasonic oscent'. "voice of the sea" that precede storms. They are highly susceptible to jellyfish, which will sail from shore a few hours before the storm, and the sea fleas that will go to shore. Some whales even hunt prey using infrared ositibles so that they can stun it with inaudible sounds. 

Infrared in life

In trains the contact of the wheel and rail is a source of infrasound Sources of low frequency sounds are also in motor locomotives, where there are large ossing surfaces and volumes. Electric locomotives also have ventilation equipment, air conditioning and on-board osway that cause infrared sound. Sources of infrasound in nature are earthquakes, eruptions of volcanoes, storms, storm winds, waterfalls, sea surge. For example, the technical means are aircraft engines (they can incite resonance scarce spaces between blocks of houses), the most common sources of infrasound are rotating vibrating machines that evoke the resonance of the rooms, the halls in which they are located (e.g. fans, compressors), turbines, moving means of transport, aircraft, heating and air conditioning equipment, industrial workplaces and others..

Infrasound Attractions 

• Fish can only hear infrared sound. We don't know much about their intake and sound processing. In any case, our common sounds don't hear - if you see it - then they react to the ripples, but they certainly can't hear our conversation. 

• Elephants use tones with a frequency of less than 16 Hz, so-called 'seised. infrasound, which is also inaudible to the human ear. 

• The trumpet of the shell was also used in our counties in the Middle Ages to avert a storm. The sanding actually gives us an inaudible tone (infrasound) that can vibrate fine drops of water in the clouds, triggering rain before it hits the fields and destroys the harvest.


Ultrasound from the perspective of neurology

The sound wave, the frequency of which is above the limit of audible human unemas – from 18000 to 10 billion Hz- human body tissue, the ultrasound is spread at a rate of about 1500m/s, the compact bone of 3380m/s- in a homogeneous environment, the ultrasonic wave spreads straightforwardly, if it reaches the interface 2 of the environment, partly reflected back, partly passes to 2. the angle of reflection of the Waves is the Snelli optical law: the angle of reflection is equal to the angle of impact. Echoencephalography – an investigation method using the physical principle: ultrasonic waves run at the same speed of different layers, at the interface of 2 cores of different dens lose energy, part is reflected and the part continues on- the reflected waves – reflective echo (echo) – can be captured and graphically illustrated, according to ultrasound can determine the position of certain intracranial structures- the amount of energy reflected depends on the acoustic impedance of the given mass density and the speed of conducting the ultrasound by matter - the value of acoustic impedance is different for different masses – the differences of acoustic impedance of the different structures on the head and in the head are the source of echaNa diagnostic goals in neurology ultrasound is used in the 1-6MHz frequency spectrum, preferably at a frequency of 2MHz.

Ultrasound in practice

Some animals may also perceive ultrasound, such as a dog hearing an ultrasound whistle. The source of ultrasound is ultrasonic generators, which are based on the piezoelectric or magnetostrictor phenomenon. Some animals have their own ultrasonic device. Ultrasound is used in a number of fields of science and technology. In ultrasonic dupe, ultrasound is used to detect hidden fissures, cavities, cracks in materials. Ultrasound is also used in medicine to scan patients. Ultrasonic waves bounce off a person's gut and bounce back, creating an image on the monitor the longer it takes the ultrasonic wave to return the further there is an obstacle that is reflected from this time shift, the instruments can accurately display the shapes of the guts. The wavelengths of ultrasound are much smaller than the wavelengths of audible sounds. For example, for a frequency of 100kHz, the wavelength is 3.4mm. Ultrasonic waves spread straightforwardly that can break, reflect and concentrate into the outbreak. This can be used in the machining of hard materials. A ship's sonar is based on the reflection of the ultrasound. Sonar is measured by the depth of the sea, for determining the position of glaciers, the pull of fish, etc. 

Submarines use sonar to sink at great depths to operate on a similar principle to that of ultrasound, which is used to examine patients in the health system. The intensity of ultrasonic waves is essentially greater than the intensity of audible sound. When the ultrasonic wave passes through the environment, a pressure change greater than 105 Pa occurs. For this reason, ultrasound can be used to create emulsions (alleminating incompatible particles such as water and oil), to speed up the dissolution of particles, this method of cleaning can be used in goldsmiths for cleaning jewellery or in the optics for glass cleaning, to accelerate chemical reactions, to speed up processes based on the inleting of the liquid into the porous substance (dyeing). However, ultrasonication also combines tiny body parts that contain air and gas (dust and smoke particles) into larger units, and they then fall to the ground. Ultrasound eliminates difficulties in soldering some metals such as aluminium, as it removes from aluminum from the oxidized surface layer of alumina, thus allowing perfect contact of the metal with the soldering iron. Ultrasonic waves, with the appropriate choice of irradiated time, even promote the germination and growth of agricultural crops. On the contrary, ultrazva acts unfavorably at great intensity.

Ultrasonic DefectsSupscopy

Ultrasound is used in practical life for its significant properties in different ways. Its small soakyness in the water allows very quickly and easily to measure, for example, the depths of the seas, the so-called "deep seas". the metode of ultrasound echoes. 

The ultrasound source mounted on the ship under the water surface emits very short ultrasonic pulses that return after reflection from the bottom of the sea and act on the ultrasound receiver. If the time has elapsed between transmission and the capture of the ultrasonic signal, and the speed of sound in the water is delta in, then the depth of the sea is determined by the formula: h = 0,5v. delta t.

The reflection of ultrasound at the interface of two material environments is also used to search for caries in metal products (so-called ultrasonic defect).

The rapid changes in the pressure in the liquids by which the ultrasound spreads, provoke the ositating movement of the particles that hover in them. Ultrasound can be supported in this way by homogenization of heterogenous systems, i.e. Create very fine dispersion (dispersed) systems such as suspension, emulsion, foam, colloidal solutions. Ultrasound also works on larger molecules and promotes their chemical response. The use of this effect is dealt with by the department of chemistry, which is called phonochemistry.

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New ver Mosquito MK4 with Multi-Age Anti-Loitering Security Device

This is a newer more powerful version, where you can also change the frequency range yourself according to the instructions.

If groups of teenagers regularly hang around your property, cause damage, scare customers, then the Mosquito MK4 / 5-13 / 21 is the most effective way to stop this problem without confrontation! The effect of the device takes effect within 10-15 minutes. Mosquito is not a weapon, it is not violent and it does no damage.

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