Ultrasonic and Acoustic Portable Speech Protector (1)

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Ultrasonic and Acoustic Portable Speech Protector (1)

The portable speech protector is the most sophisticated device on the market to protect your confidential conversations. With two modes of protection, you can covertly protect your voice or activate the acoustic jammer to insure your private communications.


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Ultrasonic and acoustic portable speech protector - you will prevent unwanted recording on your phone or dictaphone.  

Portable speech protector is the most demanding device on the market that protects your confidential conversations. With two protection modes, you can secretly protect your voice or activate an acoustic intrusive device to secure your private communications.

Currently, no one is protected from recorders or sound microphones (mobile phones, tablets, digital voice recorders, wireless microphones or wire, etc.): They are everywhere. 

During an important business meeting, we must ensure that our oral information is kept confidential. 

Voice recording can be used as a blackmail tool and can even destroy reputation. Our system, which looks very discreet, allows you to have a highly protected conversation with your partner.

the ultrasonic generator is used to disturb eavesdropping and recording, in particular as protection against the following devices and eavesdropping devices:

Digital and analog dictaphones

Voice recorders on mobile phones

Laser directional wiretaps through windows (remote interception)

Built-in and directional microphones

Third-party interception

Wiretap via stethoscope

Eavesdropping devices connected to a network at a voltage of 220 V


The all-out ultrasonic driver is among the most powerful in its segment and is effective in the 360° perimeter on all sides.

The ultrasonic interference is a unique advanced system that provides a high degree of security for business or private meetings using a bus. Any phone in place, whether on a desk or in a pocket, can be used to record the call, as well as a classic eavesdud (bedbugs) installed covertly in the room.


The ultrasonic wire speaker works on the principle of generating ultrasonic and sound interferences simultaneously with human speech. The ultrasound generator completely blocks modern and high-quality eavesdropping microphones. At the same time, the white noise generator successfully fights with analog recording devices (recording interference) - all together provides the conversation participants with complete protection.


Ultrasonic interference wiretaps: 44 ultrasonic generators of an intensity of 120 dB creates a strong ultrasonic barrier for microphones of all modern phones such as the iPhone, Samsung and others, as well as for modern dictaphones and eavesdropping.

 Acoustic eavescence suppression: A high-quality acoustic speaker with low noise and maximum power of 3W is able to easily interfere with the analog microphones of the phones and all outdated voice recorders and microphones within range. The impact of suppression depends on the size of the room and the distance from the participants. It is controlled by adjusting the volume - using the handle on the front panel of the device.


The ultrasonic wiretap interference operator must be located where the leak is expected. The sound noise volume is selected so that it does not disrupt the conversation of the participants. The EO-1 ultrasonic generator can be conveniently controlled using a mobile app via your phone. With bluetooth, you can turn the intrusive on/off and adjust the sound noise volume. The app supports Android OS and iOS.

If eavesdropping protection is required, the driver is switched on using the remote control or via a mobile application in one of the following modes:

Silent ultrasound - suppresses all high-quality voice recorders.

Off device - Protection is off.

Ultrasound + silent acoustic noise - are the main operating mode, in which you can act comfortably and protect against all types of eavesdropping devices.

Ultrasound + loud acoustic noise - the maximum protection mode used when you need to fully protect the information at the cost of reducing negotiating comfort.

Ultrasonic Jammer is a professional system of ultrasonic jammers that prevent eavesd1 from microphones of portable devices, including mobile phones, GSM wires, dioctaphones, radio bedbugs and many others. Small size, long time of work.

Ultrasonic Jammer is a series of dual-band ultrasonic interferences of portable tracking devices. The systems allow interference of microphones, inter alia, in mobile phones, dictaphones, radio bedbugs, wireless and seismic microphones by generating strong noise in the ultrasonic band, which affects microphones and preamplifiers, causing recorded sounds to be heard at a level that makes it impossible to obtain recording or listening information.

Ultrasonic interrupters offer two ultranoise and Ultrasound operating modes that differ algorithms for generating ultrasonic noise. The carrier signal in the ultrasonic band is modulated by a noise signal in the audible band. The modulated signal received in the microphone is turned into loud noise, masking all other sounds, such as a call. Ultrasonic offers interference in two ultrasonic bands (18 and 25 kHz), greatly expanding the number of devices that can be unseeded. Ultrasonic equipment can be used in a wide temperature range from -20 °C to + 50 ° C at humidity up to 95%. The device has a short circuit and incorrect power supply voltage. The basic difference between ultranoise and Ultrasound mode is the degree of modulation of the ultrasonic carrier:

ULTRANOISE - high degree of modulation allowing maximum suppression of other sounds, but the signal generated by the interference is audible to man (sound similar to the hum of unin connection speakers).

Ultrasound - low degree modulation makes the sound almost inaudible to humans, but the effective distance is reduced about 1.3-1.5times.

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Ultrasonic and Acoustic Portable Speech Protector (1)

Ultrasonic and Acoustic Portable Speech Protector (1)

The portable speech protector is the most sophisticated device on the market to protect your confidential conversations. With two modes of protection, you can covertly protect your voice or activate the acoustic jammer to insure your private communications.

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