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Active filters




    ur GSM Interceptor traps voice calls and SMS so you have the ability to get a number or listen to, record or redirect calls, control both with GSM 900MHz & 1800MHz GSM mobile network. From its description, the hybrid system is active in operation, but does not use any direct connection to the real network, does not use any call forwarding, and critically does not use any illegal system that disables encryption. In short, it uses all the controls of a fully active system with all invisibility passive system.



    Scout's roughly 5" high about 4" width there is an LCD display a quarter of the way down and down there are 3 switches and the first power switch buttons on the switch second filter switch. If this is enabled, then filterout all random frequencies that are going on outside and display 0.0000 up to a frequency strong enough to be "captured" by the opposite gets. Turn it off and you'll see all kinds of random frequencies jumping around, I'm convinced that this is due to the constant radio waves that travel through the air but aren't strong enough to "Hit" before when you were at school and everyone in the congregation was told at the same time you could hear everyone talking, but no one was comprehensible.



    Wavecom? The right choice for you?


    altClassifier and Code Check (CCC) Classifier and Code Check (CCC)

    The WAVECOM classifier is an important analysis tool for classifying unknown signals. Wavecom is an important analysis tool for the classification of unknown signals. The purpose is to determine the modulation type, baud rate, frequency shift and bandwidth of one or more signals. The goal is to determine the type of modulation, the baud rate, the frequency and bandwidth of the shift of one or more signals.

    This option is only available for government bodies! This option is only available to government authorities!



    Manual and automatic detection mode. Possibility to detect all types of eavesdropping. Check the phone line outside the building.

    The TPU-6 phone line scan report can detect any interception device on the telephone line, including resources connected to the capacity line. It checks the line in three basic modes:

    automatically the result is for each measurement method + or -

    manually performing each type of check separately, where the result of the measured value of the audio mode is by listening directly to the telephone line

    The device can detect the following interception devices:

    high frequency means

    serial attached resources

    parallelly connected means

    highly resistance-mounted means



    The radio station is made for easy handling, the rubberized belt on the edge ensures that it does not snooze and sticks well in the hand. It is resistant to shocks and vibrations, high and low temperatures, humidity and design was awarded the first prize at the International Forum.

    The radio station has a color several line powerful display with high resolution, (can display text and images), menu keys and alphanumeric keypad (with lockable), 2 microphones, upper rotary knob to facilitate selection for the user, is powered by liion rechargeable battery. Possibility of activating gps service.



    The portable pulse detector of nonlinear transitions is the fourth generation in the NR-900 series. The device allows comparison of the level of the second and third harmonic reflected signals from the semiconductor transition. The operator can control the entire detector using a keyboard with ergonomically positioned controls. This keyboard contains an LCD display that provides a lot of very important information: displaying the level of the reflected signal of the second and third harmonicgraphically (filling in the characters) and numerically (dimensionless)



    The purpose of the enshenia is to ensure that the space is protection against all forms of sound sensing from windows, walls, etc.

    It allows connection of up to 100 piezoceramic acoustic in exchangers, 2-12 low-impan speakers, or a combination of them. The purpose of the snouching is to protect the space against all forms of sound sensing from windows, walls, etc. SNG efficiency optimizes the processor, which in automatic mode analyzes room sounds and provides only the level of snulting that is required depending on the volume of the conversation.